Aquaculture Magazine awarded EfD Researcher

Aquaculture Economics and Management Maganize awarded EfD researcher Jorge Dresdner and Felipe Quezada with the Best Paper Award for 2017 for their work called “What can we learn from a health crisis? The Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA) virus and the market prices”. The paper, published in volume 21, number 2 of the prestigious magazine, was based on the Master thesis of Quezada, who in that time was a postgraduate student in the Interdisciplinary Center for Aquaculture Research (INCAR) in Chile.

The authors analyzed “whether a competitive market can behave non-competitively when it is temporarily outside of its long-run equilibrium trajectory”. The data collected allowed them to “examine the functioning of the Atlantic salmon market in the United States when experiencing a sharp reduction in imports because of a sanitary outbreak that affected its Chilean suppliers”. And the results show that in the long run, the market behaves competitively.

For Dresdner, the distinction recognizes the quality of scientific economic work that’s been carried out by the center and the type of training that students have, allowing them to also think in further postgraduate training and an academic career with an international level. He also added that “the crisis is an opportunity for the industry because it would have to adjust to the situation. These changes are permanent and allow families get the salmon in more accessible prices. "

You can access the paper in this link.

News | 22 April 2019