Acceptance from the public is important to introduce taxes to mitigate climate change

How can carbon pricing be implemented in various countries to mitigate climate change?

- Acceptance from the public is a core issue, to avoid protests like yellow vests in the streets, says Prof Sverker Carlson Jagers.

Personal values, norms and institutional trust affects acceptance. The lower trust, the more likely it is to be against the political decision. Fairness is also an important factor that affects acceptance.

- That’s the reason why the carbon tax in France failed. They decreased the wealth tax for the rich at the same time. A really stupid approach, says Sverker Carlson Jagers.

France is not the only example.

- Politicians are in general terrible in explaining why the decision is needed. It is the most effective tool to mitigate climate change, he says.

He thinks that if it is needed in a country, you may have to introduce more buses as an alternative to driving at the same time as introducing carbon tax. 

- Maybe we have to give up a little cost effectiveness to create acceptance to be successful in introducing taxes, he concludes.

News | 25 November 2019