Securing Forest and Community Land Rights - Challenges, Trends and Ways Forward

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10 September 2014 00:00–18:00
University of Gothenburg, main university building, Vasaplatsen


Kristina Fermskog
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This seminar will be an opportunity to learn from and discuss with land right experts from Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI), Sida, civil society organizations, academia and the private sector. EfD Director Gunnar Köhlin is an invited panelist and Olof Drakenberg moderates the seminar.
Live webcast: A stream will appear here 10 Sept 2014 at CET 10:00

The seminar will focus on forests and other off-farm areas that constitute vital resources for the food security and livelihoods of the rural poor in many developing countries. These lands are often used in integrated ways by local communities under communal customary arrangements while often formally owned by the state. Unclear land rights make these resources and associated livelihoods particularly vulnerable in the current context of increased demand for land; this needs to be better recognized and articulated in discussions on land rights and responsible land investments.

The event aims to contribute to knowledge sharing around forests and community land rights and discuss ways forward and concrete roles that different actors can play to advance those rights.

RRI is a global coalition of 14 Partners and over 140 international, regional and community organizations advancing forest tenure, policy and market reforms. Several land rights experts from RRI will present at the seminar and elaborate on the issues with representatives from Sida, civil society organizations, the academia and the private sector in open discussions with seminar participants.


This one-day seminar is co-organized by LARRI at the University of Gothenburg, RRI, the “Forests, Landscapes and Food Security Theme”, a collaboration between SIANI and Focali and Sida. LARRI (the Land Rights Research Initiative) is a platform for discussion, exchange of ideas and information as well as for promoting collaboration among researchers and students and others interested in land rights issues in the context of global change. The LARRI initiative is hosted by GCGD (Gothenburg Centre of Globalization and Development) at University of Gothenburg.

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Coffee and registration (9.15 - 10.00)
Session 1: Forest and community land rights in the current development conjuncture (10.00 – 12.30)
Presenters Jenny Springer, David Bray & Samuel Nguiffo talks about issues and trends, followed by a panel discussion on their presented topics:
- Global forest and community tenure challenges
- The role of community forests and community lands in achieving global  development goals
- Tenure trends and pressures on forest communities in Cameroon

Lunch Break (12.30 – 13.30)

Session 2: Concrete actions for advancement of forest and community land rights (13.30 – 15.30)
Presenters Andy White & Lou Munden brings their perspective on ways forward, followed by a panel discussion with representatives from the private sector on:
- Priorities and strategic initiatives for securing forest and community land rights
- Integrating tenure risks in investment decisions

Mingle and snacks (15.30 – 16.30)

Live webcast: A stream will appear at at CET 10:00
Please Note: to view this seminar you do not require any registration.

Event | 9 September 2014