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Narain, Urvashi

Narain is a senior environmental economist at the World Bank. Prior to joining the World Bank in 2008, Narain was a research fellow at Resources for the Future. Narain's research focuses on poverty and environment linkages in rural economies and on global climate change policy. Using household survey data, her research has explored the dependence of household's on natural resources and understood how household's behave in resource constraint environments. More recently, this work has explored the value of ecosystem services in rural economies. Also, at the Bank she co-led a three year study on the Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change which provided estimates of costs of adaptation for developing countries and developed methodologies for countries to develop climate resilient development plans.


Agriculture — Agriculture and Ecosystem Services Air Quality — Air Quality Policies and Institutions Asia — Poverty and Natural Resource Management in India Climate Change — Adaptation to Climate ChangeInternational Development — Poverty and Natural Resource Management Public Participation

People | 4 January 2008