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2018-06-07 | Peer Reviewed

Simulating mining policies in developing countries: The case of Colombia

Arango Aramburo, Santiago, Patricia Jaramillo, Yris Olaya, Ricardo Smith, Oscar Jaime Restrepo-Baena, Carlos Adrián Saldarriaga, Juan Felipe Parra Rodas, Erik R Larsen, Luz Mireya Gomez Rios and Lady Y Castellanos-Niño. 2017. “Simulating mining policies in developing countries: The case of Colombia.” Socio-Economic Planning Sciences 60: 99-113.
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Mining represents an important economic sector in almost all countries, especially the developing ones. The planning in this area is complex due to the interaction between different aspects like economic factors, environmental and social issues, and government regulation. A tool for policy analysis is needed to understand and test the effects of new and existing policies and avoid unanticipated side effects. The article develops a generic model for analyzing the mining sector of a country and demonstrates how it can be calibrated to test a set of alternative scenarios for the future of mining in Colombia.