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2008-10-21 | Peer Reviewed

Provision of Residential Solid Waste Management Service in Rural China

Qin, Ping and Chunhui Ye. 2008. “Provision of Residential Solid Waste Management Service in Rural China.” China and World Economy 16:5: 118-128.
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Drawing on a dataset covering a large number of randomly sampled villages across China, the present paper examines the issue of residential solid waste management service provision in rural China.

Using a logistic model we evaluate the impacts of different factors on service provision at the village level with regard to residential solid waste disposal. These factors include the environmental pressures caused by residential solid waste generation, the financial capacity of the Villagers' Committee, village elections and the individual characteristics of village heads. We find that living density, village per capita income, the ratio of irrigated land, and the per capita profit submitted by village enterprises to the Villagers' Committee all have positive impacts on service provision. Moreover, village heads who are popularly elected by villagers are more likely to provide services that satisfy voters' demands.