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2019-06-10 | Peer Reviewed

Pending Issues and Challenges of Salmon Farming in Chile: A Socioeconomic Perspective

Chávez Rebolledo, Carlos, Jorge Dresdner Cid, Yanina Figueroa and Miguel Ángel Quiroga Suazo. 2019. “Pending Issues and Challenges of Salmon Farming in Chile: A Socioeconomic Perspective.” Reviews in Aquaculture 11 :2: 403-421.
Download reference Doi:10.1111/raq.12338

We identify and discuss the main problems and challenges in sustainable development faced by the salmon farming industry in Chile from a socio‐economic perspective. This perspective is broad, in that it includes how the industry interacts with society and the environment, but also limited, in that it only assesses the impact on different social groups and economic agents. First, we present a brief description of the structure and socio‐economic relevance of salmon farming in the country. Second, we identify and discuss the primary current issues in the sustainable development of salmon farming in Chile. Third, we identify and discuss the challenges for developing sustainable salmon farming in Chile, including regulatory design and sectoral management, options for future expansion of the industry, responses and adjustments in the face of climate change and climatic variability, and the proper handling and growth of public‐private cooperation and goods governance.