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1999-01-02 | Peer Reviewed

Bioeconomic Analysis and Management: The Case of Fisheries

Eggert, H. 1998. ”Bioeconomic Analysis and Management: The case of fisheries”. Environmental and Resource Economics Vol.11, Nos.3-4.
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This article discusses bioeconomic analysis and different management strategies in fisheries. It reviews recent developments, which show the need to expand the analysis to multispecies fisheries and management.

Significant gains can be made if the interdependencies between species and/or jointness in inputs for many fisheries are identified. Both common property resource management and individual transferable quotas (ITQs) can be fruitful strategies in different settings. The article suggests that there is scope for the development of a multiple use management approach of marine resources. Besides the aim of an efficient use of fish stocks, equal attention should be given to other values from aquatic ecosystems, like ecological services, biodiversity and recreation possibilities.