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Thematic session: Climate Change and Extreme events: Mitigation of their impact through optimal policy design.

Extreme events related to climate change such as droughts, heat waves and floods are likely to increase in frequency and intensity in the short and long term. The occurrence of extreme events related to climate change is likely to have a large socio-economic impact on society, particularly on those most vulnerable. Extreme events impact humans directly via infrastructure damage and health impacts but also indirectly via impacts on agricultural, hydrological and other systems of importance for societal wellbeing.  The impact of extreme events is widely distributed across geographical regions as drought occurrence in California and the Sahel region (2014-2017) and heat waves impacting Europe (2014) and Pakistan and India (2016) indicate. The topic of the session and the methods presented are of interest to a wide audience of attendees to the conference including environmental and agricultural economists, climate change modelers, those in the fields of reginal planning and modeling of climate and hydrological phenomena, among others.  All papers included in the session are authored by multidisciplinary teams, a necessary requirement when analyzing the extreme events.

Organizer(s): Federico Castillo, University of California, Berkeley; David Zilberman, University of California, Berkeley

Chair: Federico Castillo, University of California, Berkeley

  1. Compliance with voluntary water use reduction measures during drought occurrence: An analysis of Executive Order B-29-15 in California
    Federico Castillo, J. K. Gilless, Michael Wehner, Nery Barrera-Lopez
  2. Vulnerability and adaptation of smallholder farmers to extreme weather events: A case study of maize and bean farmers in Central America
    Milagro Saborio-Rodriguez, Francisco Alpizar, Ruth Martinez, Celia Harvey, Raffaele Vignola, Leyla Aguilar-Solano, Barbara Viguera
  3. Simulation Model Based on Agents for Land Use Change and Cost-Benefit Analysis of Land Management Policies
    Armando Sanchez, Carlos Gay Garcia, Ana Liz Herrera, Debora Martinez, Bernardo Olvera
  4. Adoption of Modern Biotechnology and the Economics of Extreme Events
    David Zilberman, Justus Wesseler, Benjamin Gordon, Lucy Shim