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Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security under Changing Climatic Conditions

Sustainable food and nutrition security under changing climatic conditions is organized by German Agro Action in Addis Ababa between March 09-11, 2011. Efd Ethiopia research fellow Dr. Zenebe Gebreegziabher presented a paper on the workshop entitled Efficiency and productivity of small farmers and implications for food security: evidence in Ethiopia.

Efficiency and Productivity of Small Farmers and Implications for Food Security: Evidence in Ethiopia

The paper attempted to derive farmer-specific technical efficiency and simultaneously determine the socioeconomic factors affecting inefficiency for a sample of peasant farmers from northern Ethiopia using a stochastic frontier approach. Random-effect panel data model was used. The panel data set used in this paper came from a random sample of 200 peasant farms in northern Ethiopia. Panel data set referring to 1996, 1997 and 2001 production years are used.

All the conventional inputs such as land, labor, modern inputs, and value of owned farm implements were significant with positive signs except for the number of oxen. The factors of inefficiency also showed that among all the variables considered education (read and write), involvement in off-farm activities, and access to irrigation were most significant. Individual year estimates (year 1997 and 2001) imply that the discrepancy between the observed level of output and the maximum attainable level of output is dominated by random factors outside the control of the farmer rather than technical inefficiency.

An important implication from this study was that increase in productivity (enhancing food security) largely requires investment in new inputs and technology to shift the production possibility frontier upward. However, there is some scope of opportunities for increasing productivity through more efficient use of farmers' resources and inputs with current technology.

For detail information please contact Dr. Zenebe Gebreegziabher