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2007-11-28 | News

Juan Camilo Cardenas visited the EEU

Juan Camilo Cardenas from the University of Los Andes visited the department from November 26 to November 28. He was the faculty opponent at the thesis defense of Marcela Ibanez. He also gave a seminar on “The dynamics of rules and common-pool resources.”

Juan Camilo Cardenas is one of the main persons behind the increased interest in field experiments. His experimental interest focuses a great deal on common-pool resources. The project he presented at the seminar is joint work with Elinor Ostrom and others.

Marcela Ibáñez Díaz, who has presented her research to the United Nations Drug Control Program, defended her thesis "Social Dilemmas: The role of incentives, norms and institutions" on Monday  November 26 at 10 a.m. Her thesis states how knowledge can help the Colombian authorities to better combat coca cultivation and the cocaine trade. (Read more)