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2017-06-21 | News

International Sustainable Development Research Society (ISDRS) Conference in Bogotá, Colombia

Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia.

President of Colombia and Nobel Peace Laurate 2016, Juan Manuel Santos, opened the 2017 SDRS Conference in Bogóta on June 14th. The theme of the conference was inclusive sustainability for development  and engagement of academia, governments, communities and business. 

President Santos highlighted Colombia´s Peace Agreement of 2016 as a milestone in the development process of the country and singled out biodiversity as Colombia´s most important asset in the post-conflict era in his opening speach. Santos shared the opening ceremony with speeches by Rafael Pardo, current Minister of Labour and previously Minister of National Defense; and Brigitte Baptiste, director of the Humboldt Research Institute.

Conference topics included: sustainability and post-conflict, sustainable development under an interdisciplinary approach and as basic and applied science, ecosystem pressures and limits, climate change and energy, use Sustainable land and sustainable cities, sustainability innovation in organizations, society, quality of life and sustainability and management of institutions for sustainable development. Special tracks for this year´s conference included sustainable development in post-conflict countries and indigenous, afro, and rural community’ involvement with sustainability.

Parallel sessions during the three-day conference where over 300 researchers from 35 attended from professors, doctoral students and special investigators worldwide.  

EfD Colombia researchers Jorge García and Alejandra Vélez from the Los Andes Administration School, presented contributions on the advantages and disadvantages of sustainability policies and their economic instruments.

The conference was organized by UASM´s professors Eduardo Wills and Natalia Franco. 


More info about the event:
The Los Andes University through its School of Management (UASM) hosted for the first time in Latin America, the annual International Sustainable Development Research Society (ISDRS) Conference from June 14 - 16 2017. For detail information on the event click here.