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2016-10-22 | News

EfD-RFF hosts training workshops on forest conservation webtools

EfD- RFF Coordinator and Senior Research Fellow Allen Blackman organized and led training workshops on two forest conservation webtools developed by an RFF Project Team that includes Jessica Chu, Alex Egorenkov, Len Goff, and Juha Siikamäki. The first workshop, on October 12, was for stakeholders representing US-based institutions and the second, on October 17 and 18, was for stakeholders representing Mesoamerican-based institutions. The webtools, which are for targeting and evaluating forest conservation policies, will be publically launched in the coming months via a webinar. Their development was mainly funded by NASA’s SERVIR program. The training workshops were sponsored by and held at SESYNC in Annapolis, Maryland. 

The October 12 workshop included representatives of:

  • Conservation Strategy Fund (NGO)
  • Environmental Defense Fund (NGO)
  • Interamerican Development Bank
  • International Union for the Conservation of Nature (NGO
  • Tetratch (consulting firm)
  • The Nature Conservancy (NGO)
  • U. Michigan, International Forest and Resources Initiative
  • University of Florida, Forestry Department
  • Conservation International (NGO)
  • UMBC, Geography Department
  • World Wildlife Federation (NGO)

The October 17-18 workshop included representatives of:

  • KfW, Mexico (a German International Cooperation Agency)
  • Rainforest Alliance, Honduras
  • GIZ, Central American REDD program (another German International Cooperation Agency)
  • CATIE, RCCP (multilateral research institute)
  • PRIAS-CENAT, Costa Rica (remote sensing agency)
  • MARN, El Salvador (Salvadoran Environment Ministry)
  • CONAFOR, Mexico (Mexican Forestry Agency)
  • Wildlife Conservation Society, Guatemala
  • Reforestamos Mexico (NGO)
  • InBio, Costa Rica (NGO)