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2007-06-01 | News

EEPFE conducted a national workshop

EEPFE conducted a national workshop with the theme “institutionalization of the collaborative research and capacity building for sustainable agriculture, natural resource management, and policy research in Amhara National Regional State.”

Scholars from universities and research centers, regional government officials, and policy experts participated in the workshop which was held in Bahir Dar on June 1-2, 2007.

The workshop aimed to lay ground for a future collaborative research environment where various researchers, development agents, and policy makers can communicate in an effective way in the quest to come up with efficient policies and strategies to overcome the challenges of resource degradation and promote sustainable agriculture in the Amhara region.

To this end, different research findings were presented and discussed in light of the challenges, potentials, and opportunities of the region.
The workshop was concluded by paving the way for the establishment of an inter-institutional collaborative research forum.