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2007-09-25 | author

Gunnar Köhlin

Gunnar Köhlin is an associate professor at the Environmental Economics Unit, Department of Economics, University of Gothenburg. As co-founder of the EEU he has now spent 20 years working with applications of environmental economics in developing countries. He is currently director of the Environment for Development initiative.

His research interests focus on environmental resources, development economics and in particular the interface between the two. Methodologically he has a focus on non-market valuation techniques, household production models and broad reviews of existing literature. The applications have been focusing on evaluation of forest interventions in India and Ethiopia. This interest led to a series of papers on domestic energy demand, particularly focusing on India. Currently, his research is focusing on sustainable natural resource management in Africa, particularly adoption of soil conservation and the impacts on productivity in Ethiopia.

Expertise/Research area:

Valuation – application of contingent valuation method on social forestry in India and Ethiopa, wildlife in Zimbabwe; choice experiment on water and health facility in Ethiopia; production function approach on plantations in India.
Forestry – social forestry in India and Ethiopia.
Energy – domestic household demand of various energy sources in India, Ethiopia and reviews. Environmental policy – review of policies in Sweden.
Agriculture – adoption and productivity implications of soil conservation in Ethiopia and Kenya.


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