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7th African Finance Journal Conference: Managing Africa’s Economic Growth through Development Finance Research

The current financial crisis has demonstrated the urgent need for researchers working on Africa to work together to develop financial models that will help support the continent growth. As President Obama said during his visit to Ghana…”Africa does not need strongmen, it needs strong institutions”. To develop strong institutions in the economic and financial sectors will require credible research. African Finance Journal in association with several academic and research institutions will host the 7th African Finance Journal Conference at the Spier Wine Estate, Cape Town, South Africa, 18-19 March. Efd/ EPRU research Fellow Dr Stephanie Giamporcaro will present two research papers.

The African Finance Journal Conference is aimed at developing a sustainable and lasting research platform to support researchers interested in Africa’s development. The Conference brings together a variety of multi-disciplinary experts together to discuss key issues surrounding development finance research in Africa and other emerging countries.

The African Finance Journal is IBSS and Econlit listed and accredited by the South African Government, Department of Education subsidy purpose.

A Special Conference Issue of the African Finance Journal will be published after papers have gone through the normal blind review process.