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4th Annual CECFEE Research and Policy Workshop

The Center for research on the Economics of Climate, Food, Energy and Environment (CECFEE) of the Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi, will conduct the 4th Annual CECFEE Research and Policy Workshop on 16th and 17th November 2018 in Goa.

Fifth Chilean EfD Workshop on Environmental and Natural Resource Economics and Fourth Short Course to Policy Makers

Research Nucleus in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics at the University of Concepción is organizing the Fifth Workshop on Environmental and Natural Resource Economics,  5th and 6th October 2017, and the Fourth Short course to policy makers on “Compliance and Enforcement of Environmental Policy and Management of Natural Resources”, 4th October 2017. It will take place at Termas de Catillo, Maule Region in Chile.

EAERE 2016, Zurich

The 22nd  Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, is taking place  Zurich from June 22-25, 2016. Remember deadline for early registration is April 29.    

EfD Kenya Research and Policy workshop 2015

Environment for Development Kenya held a Research and Policy workshop on November 20th, 2015 in Nairobi.  The main objective of the workshop was to share ongoing research by EfD-Kenya and KIPPRA teams as well as engage stakeholders in discussion of future policy research options.

World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty

Theme: Scaling up Responsible Land Governance: Examples, policies, and impact With more than 1,000 participants from 125 countries at the 2015 conference, this event has become one of the main venues for showcasing innovation, learning, and debate among high level policy makers, researchers, civil society, and development partners. This year’s conference topic is motivated by the fact that recording of rights to make tenure more secure and improve land use by all, is increasingly within reach as improved technology allows better access to and management of geospatial information, citizen participation, and facilitates transparency. Following the example set by of earlier conferences, the 2016 event aims to highlight examples of interventions that have been or can be scaled up, policies to make this possible, and the impact of doing so in a wide range of areas.

GDN 16th Annual Global Development Conference

The Global Development Network (GDN) is inviting submissions under an open call for papers/posters/sessions for its forthcoming 16th Annual Global Development Conference on the major theme of Agriculture for Sustainable Growth: Challenges and Opportunities for a New ‘Green Revolution' in Ben Guerir, Morocco, 11-13 June 2015). The deadline for the papers and sessions submissions is 31 January, 2015 and the deadline for submission of poster is 15 February, 2015.

EfD in Kenya Annual Workshop (2013)

EfD-Kenya held its first Annual Workshop on August 7, 2013 at Fairview Hotel in Nairobi. The workshop brought together researchers, policy makers, academia and other stakeholders in the environment sector.

Land and forest tenure reforms workshop in Ethiopia, February 21-22, 2011

Land reforms have played a central role in the political economy of many countries in the world and have been subject to massive disagreements between different political interest groups and ideologies. EfD funded project aims to draw lessons from land reforms in several African and Asian countries. The findings will be presented in a book edited by Professors Stein Holden and Keijiro Otsuko, entitled Land Tenure Reforms: Impacts on Poverty and Natural Resource Management. What Can We Learn?

Paper presented by EfD researcher on 2011 CSAE

Centre for the Study of African Economies Conference 2011 on Economic Development in Africa was held at St Catherine's College, Oxford, 20-22 March 2011. Junior research fellow of EfD Ethiopia, Rahel Derbie, presented a paper on Fossil Fuel and Food Tax Incidence in Ethiopia.

Research Seminar 20

The topic of the twentieth Research Seminar Series will be “Adoption and Impact Assessment of Improved Maize Varieties in Ethiopia” and it will be presented by Dr. Moti Jaleta at Addis Ababa University on May 10, 2013.


Ethiopia’s Country Environmental Analysis (CEA) launched

The Country Environmental Analysis  (CEA) of Ethiopia was launched on March 5, 2018 at Sheraton Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in the presence of high-level government officials, experts, researchers and other stakeholders from both government and non-governmental institutions.


Tanzanian farmers are adapting to climate change

Smallholder farmers in Tanzania, who have seen how climate change has altered rainfall patterns and pushed up temperatures, are adapting their farming methods to meet these shifting conditions. This presents an opportunity for the government there to tailor its policies to help farmers meet future farming challenges.


Colleges of Costa Rica analyze incorporating climate change into their curricula

On February 16, EfD Central America Researcher Leida Mercado participated in representation of EfD-CA host institution CATIE as a lecturer in a workshop targeted at directors and professors of the Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica (MEP), as well as to extension agents of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Costa Rica (MAG), in order to train them in the subject of climate change and the Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) approach.  The objective of the workshop was to consider Climate Change issues and implement them in the curriculum of four Professional Technical Colleges (CTP) of the Region Brunca, from Costa Rica. This is part of a strategic regional pilot that takes place in the area.


Risk in small farming: winning Masters’ thesis

CAPE TOWN: A study of how small-scale farmers in the Western Cape, South Africa, shape their decisions around using conventional or organic farming methods, based on their perceived risks, has won an economics Masters student at the University of Cape Town (UCT) an award for the best thesis in her year.


CASCADE Project reviews its progress and prepares for 2016

As part of its Third Annual Meeting, members of the CASCADE project, which is co-led by Conservation International (CI) and CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education), reviewed the overall progress of the initiative as well as the main results obtained in the different lines of research.


Addressing methane leakage is key in getting sustained climate benefits from natural gas

There has been much debate about the climate implications of increased natural gas usage. While it is true that natural gas burns cleaner than other fossil fuels, (the carbon dioxide per unit of energy may be around half that of coal), methane leaking during the production, delivery and use of natural gas has the potential to undo much of the greenhouse gas benefits we think we’re getting when natural gas is substituted for other fuels. The good news is that leaks can be detected, measured and reduced. Jonathan Camuzeaux, Senior Economic Analyst at Environmental Defense Fund, will present lessons learnt from EDF’s work in the U.S. and potential implications for Tanzania at the EfD Policy Day.


A Project Proposal in which two EfD Senior Research Fellows are Involved Wins Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Research Grant

A research project proposal entitled ‘Digitization and the Scope for Public-Private Partnership in Agricultural Extension in Ethiopia’, submitted to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation under the Program for Emerging Agricultural Research Leaders (PEARLs) in which EfD Senior Research Fellow Zenebe Gebreegziabher and EfD Senior Research Fellow Alemu Mekonnen are involved wins about US$ 500,000 grant.