Kenya State of Environment Report

EfD-Kenya actively participated in the preparation of the Kenya State of Environment (SoE) Report. Preparation of the SoE 2010 report was spearheaded by United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP) and National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).

Section 9 subsections 2(p) of the Environment Management Coordination Act No 8 of 1999 requires that a State of Environment report is prepared and submitted to the National assembly for endorsement every year. The Act also mandates the Authority to coordinate the exercise and present the report to the National assembly. The SoE report documents environmental issues and potential interventions that need to be undertaken by various sectors towards enhancing the status and quality of the environment. This report also forms the basis for the preparation of operational sector policies, enhancement of the integration of environmental concerns into development processes, and preparation of environmental action plans. EfD-K was tasked to provide guidance on highlighting policy issues under each sector covered in the report and giving possible intervention measures.


Story | 11 December 2010