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S. Garg, T. Garg, T.Ray, Monisankar Bishnu. 2018.

12 May 2020 | Discussion Paper | India

Monisankar Bishnu, Nick L. Guo, Cagri S. Kumru. 2019. “This paper examines the welfare angle of Pay As You Go (PAYG) type social security under…”

12 May 2020 | Peer Reviewed | India

Åsa Löfgren, Dallas Burtraw, Amelia Keyes . 2020. “In this policy brief, we offer an introduction to the family of policy instruments known as…”

11 May 2020 | Policy Brief | Sweden, Global Hub

John, Innocensia, Lokina, Razack. 2020. “Geographical Indication (GI) adds value through product differentiation based on quality, protection…”

8 May 2020 | Peer Reviewed | Tanzania

Carlos Bopp, Alejandra Engler, Roberto Jara-Rojas, Rodrigo Arriagada. 2020. “Forest plantations have increased rapidly in the last three decades, to a large extent due to direct…”

8 May 2020 | Peer Reviewed |

Ernesto G. Birgin, Walter Gómez, Gabriel Haeser, Leonardo M. Mito, Daiana O. Santos. 2019. “In this work, we present an Augmented Lagrangian algorithm for nonlinear semidefinite problems…”

8 May 2020 | Peer Reviewed |

Rodrigo Herrera, Adam Clements. 2018. “Forecasting the risk of extreme losses is an important issue in the management of financial risk and…”

8 May 2020 | Peer Reviewed |

Nikolaus Hautsch, Rodrigo Herrera. 2019. “We propose a multivariate dynamic intensity peaks‐over‐threshold model to capture extremes in…”

8 May 2020 | Peer Reviewed |

Jorge Aedo, Estefany Oñate, Marcela Jaime, César Salazar. 2020. “The concept of welfare has evolved to incorporate subjective elements. One key factor for…”

8 May 2020 | Peer Reviewed |

César Salazar, John Rand. 2020. “In this paper, we try to understand pesticide input decisions among Vietnamese rice producers by…”

8 May 2020 | Peer Reviewed |