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William Hyde, Gunnar Köhlin. 2020. “This paper reviews the expectations for forestry’s contribution to rural development – and for its…”

22 June 2000 | Peer Reviewed | Global Hub

Xu, Jintao, Hyde, William. 2019. “This paper provides an overview of recent forest tenure reform in rural China and a summary of…”

3 May 2018 | Peer Reviewed | China

Xiaojun Yang, Jintao Xu, Xiaojie Xu, Yuanyuan Yi, William F. Hyde. 2017. “The recent Collective Forest Tenure Reform in China has started the process of devolving forest…”

15 January 2018 | Peer Reviewed | China

Ji, Yongjie, Xu, Jintao, Hyde, William. 2010. “China began enforcing a system of pollution levies in 1982. However, senior environmental officials…”

1 October 2010 | Peer Reviewed | China

Hyde, William, Xu, Jintao. 2008. “Forest data from the recent period of rapid growth in China show interesting macroeconomic and…”

8 April 2008 | EfD Discussion Paper | China, Sweden

Köhlin, Gunnar, Hyde, William. 2008. “This paper reviews the state of economic understanding about fuelwood in developing countries. It…”

27 February 2008 | Peer Reviewed | Global Hub