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Bezu, Sosina, Holden, Stein. 2014. “Ethiopia has implemented one of the largest, fastest and least expensive land registration and…”

30 August 2014 | Peer Reviewed | Ethiopia

Bezu, Sosina, Holden, Stein. 2014. “This study examines current land access and livelihood choices of rural youth in Southern Ethiopia…”

30 August 2014 | Peer Reviewed | Ethiopia

Holden, Stein, Yi, Yuanyuan, Xu, Jintao. 2013. “Tenure security in land is considered crucial in order to stimulate investment and create economic…”

5 December 2016 | Book Chapter | China

Mekonnen, Alemu, Holden, Stein, Kassie, Menale. 2013. “This is a chapter in the book entitled 'Land Tenure Reform in Asia and Africa: Assessing Impacts on…”

1 November 2013 | Book Chapter | Ethiopia

Holden, Stein. 2013. “This book is about land tenure policies from an international perspective. It adds on the first book…”

20 October 2013 | Books | China, Sweden, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania

Holden, Stein. 2009. “This is a chapter in a book entitled "The Emergence of Land Markets in Africa Impacts on Poverty…”

6 September 2011 | Book Chapter | Ethiopia

Holden, Stein, Deininger, Klaus. 2009. “New land reforms are again high on the policy agenda and low-cost, propoor reforms are being tested…”

23 January 2010 | Peer Reviewed | Ethiopia

Bezu, Sosina, Holden, Stein. 2008. “Food-for-work (FFW) is the most widely used type of public works program in Ethiopia through which a…”

31 December 2008 | Peer Reviewed | Ethiopia

Holden, Stein, Kassie, Menale, Köhlin, Gunnar. 2008. “Measuring and analyzing the impact of fanya juu bunds on the value of crop production in Ethiopian…”

8 April 2008 | EfD Discussion Paper | Ethiopia, Global Hub

Kassie, Menale, Holden, Stein. 2007. “We tested a theoretical model with the Marshallian inefficiency (H1) and threat of eviction (H2)…”

1 March 2007 | Peer Reviewed | Ethiopia