Sustainability comparisons in the triple bottom line for Chinese fisheries

EfD Discussion Paper
1 January 2021

Lijun Liu, Jingjie Chu, James L. Anderson, Jintao Xu

This paper uses Fishery Performance Indicators (FPIs) to compare nine Chinese fisheries in terms of their triple bottom line (ecological, social, and economic sustainability) with the top 10% performing fisheries within the global FPIs database. It shows that the largest differences between the Chinese fisheries and top-performing fisheries globally are in ecological sustainability, followed by harvest sector performance and economic performance. The gaps in community sustainability and post-harvest performance are smaller. The paper also compares nine different Chinese fisheries with each other to assess their relative performance. Zhejiang province shows signs of better fishery management, with its stronger enforcement and stricter measures to tackle illegal fishing. As a result, this province scores higher than others in ecological and some economic and social dimensions.

Photo: Lijun Liu

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EfD Discussion Paper 21-01
Publication | 22 January 2021