EfD-CA works with The Nature Conservancy in Costa Rica

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EfD-CA's research fellows are estimating a cost base structure for the allocation of service concessions and non-essential activities within the protected wilderness areas.

The park authorities and the local communities at Chirripo National Park, Costa Rica, have shown interest in the need for the concession of non-essential services offered by the park. By concession services in this and other protected areas, would substantially increase the quality of services provided to tourists and relieve the park officials to engage in duties of their occupation (control, protection and environmental education). It also provides open spaces to involve organized local groups as stated by the Costa Rican Law of Biodiversity. The objective of the consultancy is to get a price based structure to determine the costs of maintaining and managing the sale of goods and services associated with the attention of visitors. This methodology will eventually be applicable in other protected wilderness areas.

The study will include a baseline to reflect the current socio-economic situation and contributions from the Park to economic community.

The consultancy is promoted and support by The Nature Conservancy.



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Publication | 7 October 2009