EfD’s Women in Environmental Economics for Development (WinEED) is a network of women economists associated with Environment for Development (EfD) centers around the world.  WinEED aims to provide information, resources and support for academics in the Global South working at the interface of environment and development research, at all stages of their careers. WinEED was initiated in response to the underrepresentation in senior positions of women economists, with focus on the unique challenges women face and the value brought in by gender equality.


Professional Development Funding Opportunities for Female Environmental Economists

Below are funding opportunities to support early-mid career female researchers, especially those in low to middle-income countries, for traveling and conferences in the field of environmental economics. Please check back as we regularly update this page.

Abe Fellowship Program (September 1, 2020): https://www.ssrc.org/fellowships/view/abe-fellowship/
Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Research Fellowship (due September 27, 2020):  https://www.newn.cam.ac.uk/research/research-fellowships/
Bruce Gardner Memorial Prize (closed) : https://www.aaea.org/about-aaea/awards-and-honors/aaea-annual-awards/bruce-gardner-memorial-prize-for-applied-policy-analysis
Future Leaders – African Independent Research (FLAIR) Fellowships (14 April - 27 May 2020): https://royalsociety.org/grants-schemes-awards/grants/flair/
Gilbert F. White Distinguished Visiting Fellowship (currently closed): https://www.rff.org/careers/gilbert-f-white-distinguished-visiting-fellowship/
Hayek Fund for Scholars (rolling): https://theihs.org/funding/hayekfund/
Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy (open): https://www.horowitz-foundation.org/grant-info
INGSA Research Associate Grant Programme (contact g.mills@ingsa.org): https://www.ingsa.org/grant-programme/
International Initiative for Impact (closed): https://www.3ieimpact.org/funding/bursary
Lorentz Center Workshops (due May 30, 2020): https://www.lorentzcenter.nl/progsel.php
PRIMA Grant (due Nov. 21, 2020): http://www.snf.ch/en/funding/careers/prima/Pages/default.aspx
Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program (RSMFP) (due date not yet published) : https://www.worldbank.org/en/programs/scholarships#2
ROTHAMSTED INTERNATIONAL FELLOWSHIP SCHEME supports scientists from developing countries to train at selected research institutes in the UK for 6-12 months (open): https://www.rothamsted.ac.uk/ri/ri-current-opportunities
West African Research Center Travel Grant (open, for West African Nationals only): https://www.westafricanresearchassociation.org/fellowships/warc-travel-grant/
USAID grant Building Research and Innovation for Development, Generating Evidence, and Training (BRIDGE-Train) (closed)  https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=323023
Updated: 28 May 2020