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2007-12-07 | project

Common property forest management and private tree growing in the Ethiopian highlands

This project aims to achieve two objectives: to identify the determinants of common property forest management (CPFM) and estimate the effects of CPFM on the planting of trees on-farm in the Ethiopian Highlands.

This project proposes to look at on-farm tree planting as one of the technologies households might employ when faced with improved CPFM.A particular contribution of the project will be to examine the effects of CPFM on on-farm tree planting at varying levels of disaggregation. In addition to an academic paper, the project plans to produce a policy paper which seeks to provide the Government of Ethiopia with an evaluation of local-level forestry action plans, policies and practices and make them aware of the international experience in the hope that best practices could be adopted in Ethiopia. This work will also critically examine the links between flooding and deforestation and consider this issue in the context of Ethiopia.

Project Advisors: Randall Bluffstone, Gunnar Köhlin