Request for concept notes to develop collaborative multi-site research projects

SETI ( invites concept notes to seed collaborative research related to energy transitions. We particularly welcome proposals for work related to the SETI priority themes, including:

Consequences of energy poverty, defined as a lack of reliable access to electricity and other modern fuels

Drivers of the energy transition in low- and middle-income contexts, including lessons from past experiences

Impacts of energy transitions at various scales (households, firms, and the regional and global environment)

Policy levers and solutions to speed the energy transition; and analysis of their effectiveness

Notable gaps in research on energy transitions

Through this RFP, SETI seeks to provide pilot funds that will stimulate collaborative research across Environment for Development (EfD)-affiliated researchers in the network, with the larger goal of enabling investigators to leverage preliminary findings and data to obtain larger awards of external funding. Investigators are particularly encouraged to submit proposals that leverage existing or ongoing (funded) studies or data sets to address important issues related to energy transitions.


The full request and additional details are available at:

News | 26 January 2017