With a podcast and a journalistic article, EfD Colombia raises awareness about the consequences of the lionfish invasion in the Caribbean Sea

In this second podcast and news article, Diego Valderrama discusses the challenges faced by researchers and policy-makers dealing with the impacts of the lionfish invasion in the Caribbean Sea.


Journalist Carolina Garcia interviewed EfD Colombia Senior Researcher Diego Valderrama about the importance of estimating critical densities for invasive lionfish stocks. Diego Valderrama also discussed the pros and cons associated with different strategies aiming to control lionfish populations in invaded ecosystems, e.g., the fishing tournaments organized by environmental authorities in San Andres Island in Colombia and the inclusion of lionfish in restaurant menus.


The news article in Spanish can be read here: https://sostenibilidad.semana.com/medio-ambiente/articulo/el-pez-leon-que-falta-para-ganar-la-batalla/41824; the podcast in both Spanish and English can be listened to here: https://soundcloud.com/user-14504446/sets. The title of the podcast in English is: “The LionFish: the invasive species that still has an impact on the Colombian Caribbean Ecosystems”.

News | 10 December 2018