Francisco Alpízar to lecture in the IDB Biodiversity Speaker Series 2012

The Inter-American Development Bank is organizing a series of lectures with emphasis on Economics of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.

EfD Central America Center Director and Research Fellow Francisco Alpízar, will give a lecture as part of the Biodiversity Speaker Series 2012 organized by the Inter-American Development Bank. The event is to take place at 2:30 PM on 08 November 2012 in in Washington, D.C., USA.

Francisco will be talking about "Conditional Cash Transfers and Payments for Environmental Services – A Conceptual Framework for Explaining and Judging Differences in Outcomes".

We develop a conceptual framework elucidating the main determinants of impact of conditional cash transfer (CCT) and payments for environmental services (PES) programs. Using a simple multi-agent model and evaluations of existing programs, we show that (1) the share of the population who would meet the program’s conditions in absence of payments is a powerful predictor of program efficiency, and that (2) program efficiency is eroded by selection bias (people who already meet conditions self-select into the programs at higher rates than others). We then discuss possibilities for increasing efficiency and criteria for evaluating and choosing between CCTs/PES or other policy instruments.

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News | 1 November 2012