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ENRRI policy seminar urges greater collaboration between fisheries sector stakeholders

Greater collaboration between decision makers, academia and industry is the surest way to ensure the success of fisheries sector management and conservation initiatives. This was one of the main takeaways of an ENRRI policy seminar – on the topic Capture Fisheries Management in Ghana: Challenges and Prospects – that took place on 18, August 2020 at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Accra.


ENRRI Director, Prof Wisdom Akpalu gave a presentation that analyzed the challenges of the fisheries sector and pointed to potential solutions. These included the replacement of illegal mesh sizes, halting of light fishing, reconsidering the premix subsidy, ending saiko and limiting the number of vessels. His presentation was followed by a stimulating open discussion – led by a six-member panel and involving the media and other participants –  that raised practical issues, ideas and possibilities.  


While praising the depth of the presentation and the potential of recommendations to address several of the pitfalls that have characterized past fisheries sector management and conservation initiatives, participants agreed that the surest way Ghana can achieve a sustainable and resilient fisheries sector is if stakeholders, notably government, academia and industry, collaborate and work coherently as partners towards common goals. They made suggestions for a follow-up dialogue between ENRRI and high-level sector policy advisors and actors to share with them the top-notch presentation along with the outcome of the day’s interactions.


ENRRI expressed commitment to continue to engage and work with government and other stakeholders towards the best outcomes for the local fisheries sector.


The event brought together key fisheries sector decision makers and actors including public sector representatives (Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, Fisheries Commission), fisheries resource managers and organisations (including the Ghana Industrial Trawlers Association, Ghana Tuna Association, Ghana National Fisheries Council), development organisations, fisher folk and the media.


Held under adherence to regulations on physical distance and group size, the event was a timely opportunity for fisheries stakeholders to discuss pressing issues and contribute to Ghana’s efforts to overcome existing challenges and build back better from the Covid-19 pandemic.


More photos from the event available here.




News | 26 August 2020