Locating Marine Protected Areas for Turtle Conservation: Understanding Ecology and Fishers

Submitted by Petra Hansson on 9 September 2020

The Convention on Biological Diversity’s Aichi Targets include target goals of setting aside a percentage of marine areas as marine protected areas (MPAs).  One purpose of marine protected areas is to protect species such as sea turtles from fishing. Fishing can accidentally catch turtles and can disrupt the turtles’ progress to the beach for laying eggs.

Biodiversity, Fisheries

The Economic, Social and Ecological Performance of the Industrial Trawl Fishery in Ghana: Application of the FPI’s

Submitted by Petra Hansson on 4 September 2020

To ensure that benefits from capture fisheries accrue to nationals, fisheries regulations and acts prioritize local access and harvest rights in near and distant waters within a nation’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ). The lack of local capital to finance industrial fishing, such as trawling, has compelled developing coastal countries’ fishermen to access foreign investment through contractual agreement such as hire-purchases.