Valuing Water Purification Services of Forests: A Production Function Approach using Panel Data from China’s Sichuan Province 20-29

Submitted by Petra Hansson on 31 August 2020
EfD Authors:

The water purification functions of forests represent one of the most frequently invoked examples of non-market ecosystem services that are economically valuable. Yet, there has been a paucity of statistical estimates that robustly quantify such benefits. This study enriches this thin evidence base through valuing forests’ water purification services in the form of the ensuing cost savings of municipal drinking water treatment, using a rich panel dataset from China’s Sichuan province.

Forestry, Water

Does mangrove plantation reduce coastal erosion? Assessment from the west coast of India

Submitted by Vidisha Chowdhury on 7 August 2020
EfD Authors:

Mangroves are believed to stabilize the coastlines by controlling erosion and facilitating sediment deposition. Coastal managers often plant mangroves to counter coastal erosion. The state of Gujarat in West India has planted thousands of hectares of mangroves over the years, and control of coastal erosion has been one of the prime reasons of plantation. This study performed a statistical assessment of the effect of the planted mangroves on the coastline changes in the state from 1990 to 2013.

Biodiversity, Forestry