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F. Alpizar, F. Carlsson, G. Lanza, B. Carney, R.C. Daniels, M. Jaime, T. Ho, Z. Nie, C. Salazar, B. Tibesigwa, S. Wahdera. 2020. “The polluting of marine ecosystems with plastics is both a global and a local problem with…”

2 May 2020 | Peer Reviewed | South Africa, India, Chile, Vietnam, Sweden, Tanzania, Central America

Bethanie Carney Almroth, Håkan Eggert. 2020. “Abstract Plastics have been instrumental in providing access to clean drinking water, medical…”

4 May 2020 | Peer Reviewed | Sweden

Åsa Löfgren, Dallas Burtraw, Amelia Keyes . 2020. “In this policy brief, we offer an introduction to the family of policy instruments known as…”

11 May 2020 | Policy Brief | Sweden, Global Hub

Thomas Sterner, Richard T. Carson, Marc Hafstead, Peter Howard, Sverker Carlsson Jagers, Gunnar Köhlin, Ian Parry, Ryan Rafaty, E. Somanatan, Jan Christoph Steckel, Dale Whittington et al.. 2020. “2015 was a special year. During a few months the political stars aligned and made it possible for…”

4 May 2020 | Peer Reviewed | India, Colombia, China, Vietnam, Sweden, Central America, Global Hub

Jonathan Camuzeaux, Thomas Sterner, Gernot Wagner. 2020. “China and the United States are the two largest emitters of greenhouse gases, making them pivotal…”

5 May 2020 | Peer Reviewed | Sweden

Maria A. Naranjo, Francisco Alpizar, Peter Martinsson. 2019. “Researchers and officials interested in people’s attitudes toward risk when designing public…”

18 May 2020 | Research Brief | Sweden, Central America

Coria, Jessica, Köhlin, Gunnar, Xu, Jintao. 2019. “The high rates of economic activity and environmental degradation in Asia demand the implementation…”

6 September 2019 | Peer Reviewed | China, Sweden, Global Hub

Köhlin, Gunnar, Hassen, Sied, Alem, Yonas. 2019. “We use a eld experiment to identify how dierences in preferences and autonomy in decision-making…”

17 July 2019 | EfD Discussion Paper | Sweden, Ethiopia, Global Hub

Alpízar, Francisco, Slunge, Daniel. 2019. “The Global Chemicals Outlook II – From Legacies to Innovative Solutions: Implementing the 2030…”

11 March 2019 | Report | Sweden, Central America

Sterner, Thomas, Damon, Maria, Ostrom, Elinor. 2019. ““Grandfathering” grants preferential treatment to existing resource users over new entrants based on…”

27 February 2019 | Peer Reviewed | Sweden