Ecosystem Services Approach in Latin América: from theoretical promises to real applications.

Peer Reviewed
31 January 2019

Federico Weyland, Matías Enrique Mastrangelo, Alejandra Denise Auer, María Paula Barral, Laura Nahuelhual, Alejandra Larrazábal, Aníbal Francisco Parera, Lina María Berrouet Cadavid, Connie Paola López-Gómez, Clara Villegas Palacio


Expected mainstreaming of the Ecosystem Services Approach (ESA) has not been fulfilled.

Sectors involved in ESA and their relationships drive pathways of mainstreaming in Latin America.

Incorporation of knowledge and consensus over values are key factors for mainstreaming.

Researchers need to adopt new roles for an effective mainstreaming of ESA.

Opportunities for new roles lay in the interfaces among sectors involved in ES management.



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Sustainable Development Goals
Publication reference
Weyland, F., Mastrangelo, M. E., Auer, A. D., Barral, M. P., Nahuelhual, L., Larrazábal, A., … Villegas Palacio, C. (2019). Ecosystem services approach in Latin America: From theoretical promises to real applications. Ecosystem Services, 35, 280–293. doi:10.1016/j.ecoser.2018.11.010

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