The second edition of “Discussions on Environment for Development” talks about the pandemic, the economics of natural resources and social dilemas

The second edition of the series of documents “Discussions on Environment for Development” has the title “The pandemic of COVID-19 and the economics of natural resources: dealing with social dilemas”.

In this second edition, EfD Colombia researchers Jorge Higinio Maldonado and Rocío Moreno argue that understanding the COVID-19 pandemic and finding mechanisms to deal with it require a multidisciplinary approach. Policy strategies must be underpinned by understanding the close relationship between society and nature and analyzing the costs and benefits of their application. These researchers discuss that different disciplines have tools that allow us to understand the COVID-19 pandemic and, likewise, look for the mechanisms to deal with it the best possible way. In this note, researchers use the fundamentals of the renewable natural resource economy - such as fisheries - to analyze the progress of the pandemic, understand the balance between the costs and benefits of the efforts associated with reducing it, and discuss how the proposed strategies can promote a more effective fight against the virus.

This document is in Spanish and can be read here.

News | 24 July 2020