Participation of EfD Colombia researcher Juan Camilo Cárdenas in public and virtual discussions about the pandemic in Colombia

On June 24th, 2020, EfD Colombia senior researcher Juan Camilo Cárdenas was one of the guests at the program “Semana en vivo” led by well-known Colombian Journalist Maria Jimena Duzán. The subject of the program was “The challenge: protect the life or save the economy from COVID-19”.  In this program Juan Camilo discussed with Colombian epidemiologist and researcher Zulma Cucunubá, who works at the Imperial College London, about how economics and epidemiology can work together to offer solutions for the coronavirus crisis. Among many other important topics, Juan Camilo mentioned in this program the importance of the role of the community for overcoming the pandemic and how this crisis represents an opportunity for the economy to move towards a more sustainable development path. The program (in Spanish) can be seen here.


On July 1st, 2020, Juan Camilo also participated in the virtual forum “Moment of transition. Towards a resilient and sustainable economic reactivation”, which was organized by the National Planning Department of Colombia, the program UK PACT and the British embassy in Colombia. In this forum Juan Camilo mentioned the importance of economic activities that use natural capital such as green tourism, plant trees, ecological restauration, and agroecology for reactivating the economy while diminishing the risk of coronavirus contagion and reaching sustainable development.   The forum (in Spanish) can be seen here.

News | 3 July 2020