Environmental Economics Unit, University of Gothenburg

The Environmental Economics Unit (EEU) at the University of Gothenburg is the Swedish node of the EfD network. The EEU is the initiator of the EfD and manages the initiative and supports the EfD centers through the EfD Secretariat.

The EEU is a research and teaching unit within the University of Gothenburg. The unit has 12 PhDs and 20 graduate students working on various projects related to natural resources and environmental economics.

EEU offers a number of courses in addition to stipends, financed by Sida, to students from developing countries to study environmental economics at our department.

EEU specializes in environmental economics research and training. The research is focused on natural resource management in developing countries, the choice of policy instruments for transport, industrial environmental problems, and welfare related issues.

Contact information

Vasagatan 1
P.O. Box 640
SE 405 30
+46-31-786 1000