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2005-09-01 | Peer Reviewed

An economic comparison of the commercial and recreational linefisheries in Namibia

Stage, J., and C. H. Kirchner. 2005. "An economic comparison of the commercial and recreational linefisheries in Namibia". African Journal of Marine Science 27(3): 577–584.
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The most important Namibian linefish species, the silver
kob Argyrosomus inodorus, is currently heavily
exploited, and in order to ensure its survival catch
restrictions are being introduced. However, kob are
exploited both by recreational anglers and by commercial
vessels, and it is important to examine the economics
of these fisheries in order to determine where catch
restrictions will do the least harm to the economy.

Data from a survey of commercial fishing vessels are compared with results from earlier surveys of recreational anglers to determine economic values and impacts from both fisheries. The economic benefits are shown to be greatest in recreational angling, less in commercial fishing by large vessels and least in commercial skiboat fishing. This study also shows that catch restrictions would do less harm to the economy if applied to the commercial linefishing sector rather than to recreational angling.