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2016-02-18 | Peer Reviewed

Cooperation and social classes: evidence from Colombia

Martinsson, Peter, Clara Inés Villegas Palacio and Conny Wollbrant. 2015. “Cooperation and social classes: evidence from Colombia.” Social Choice and Welfare 45:4: 829-848.
Download reference Doi:10.1007/s00355-015-0886-3

Abstract: We investigate the relationship between social class belonging and contributions to local public goods. By utilizing the social class classifications in Colombia and an experimental design based on the strategy method, we can both study contributions to public goods and classify subjects into contribution types. We find similar contribution levels between high and medium-low social classes and also similar distributions of contributor types. However, low social class members conditionally contribute a significantly higher level than high social class members. This has implications for policymakers, who may need to consider differential policy schemes for locally provided public goods.