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2019-08-29 | author

Munther, Helena

Since August 12th of 2019, Helena Munther started her position as acting communications manager for the EfD Initiative. She is based at the University of Gothenburg and will work close to the EfD Secretariat, other network managers, and will lead the communications team.

Following 20 years as a journalist, she spent several years as Communications Officer for the Green Party in Gothenburg, Sweden. She also supported the local policy makers in how to communicate with the media, focusing on environmental issues, education and how to build a sustainable city.

Her experience for the past years also implied working in several countries as a freelance journalist, an election observer, a tour guide in India - a country where she has returned time and again over the past 30 years- and a teacher in journalism.

Helena will hold this position for the upcoming year to cover communications manager, Karin Jonson while on leave working for the International Center at the University of Gothenburg.