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2016-03-03 | News

Workshop to safeguard continued policy relevance of EfD research

Group photo EfD Research Policy review workshop, Addis Abeba, February 24, 2016

Back to back with the of ECRCs consultative workshop on their proposed five-year research program, the EfD secretariat invited one representative from each EfD center to Addis Abeba for a policy research review workshop.

“We need to make a fresh start for our five-year Sida-funded program. EfD promises the world that we will inject environmental economics knowledge into key policy processes in EfD countries, and this needs to be well reflected in our research portfolios”, says EfD Director, Gunnar Köhlin. “That is why we have invited participants to this policy research review workshop. I also think this is a great opportunity for the other centers to come to Addis and learn from the Ethiopian center and how they have revamped the EfD center in order to do real-time impact evaluations of the implementation of the government and donor backed Climate Resilient Green Economy strategy.”

During the workshop, representatives from the EfD centers made short presentations where they covered:

  • Reviews of their countries main policies related to sustainability, climate, and growth
  • A review of related past research at the EfD center
  • Implications on focus areas for EfD research in the country for the coming five years

The afternoon session focused on finding synergies between research areas across EfD centers and encouragement of new multi-center collaborations. Also a number of other guests were invited, who presented ongoing initiatives where EfD can contribute. Klaus Deininger, Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank presented on “ Strengthening land governance in Africa” and Andrew Kelly, CEO EnvEcon, presented a proposal for implementation of the GAINS model in Africa, drawing on the capacity at EfD centers.

By : Karin Jonson