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2014-11-28 | News

Sterner's Nature Climate Change essay in the news media

An essay by EfD Research Fellow Thomas Sterner, professor of environmental economics at the University of Gothenburg, was published in Nature Climate Change November 27th, 2014. A science writer at Climate Central writes about the essay in a recent news post.

The essay is entitled “A balance of bottom-up and top-down in linking climate policies” and co-authored by Gernot Wagner, Environmental Defense Fund economist,  and Jessica Green, assistant professor of political science at Case Western Reserve University.

John Upton, Senior Science Writer, Climate Central, writes about the essay in his most recent news post. Both Gernot Wagner and Jessica Green are quoted in the text “What’s At Stake in Lima Climate Talks”:

See the Nature Climate Change essay here:

Published on EfD:

Karin Backteman