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Academic Program

 With funds from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), PhD candidates from developing countries are trained in environmental economics at the Environmental Economics Unit, University of Gothenburg. The EfD initiative also supports national graduate programs in environmental economics at all EfD centers.

PhD Program

The aim of the PhD program at EEU is to educate the candidates in environmental economics. The objective is to build sufficient capacity in developing countries to teach, do research, and give policy advice regarding environmental economics and sustainable development.

Every other year the EEU accepts five new students financed by this program. These students are trained to be advisors, researchers, and teachers in environmental and natural resource economics in their home countries. 

The PhD program is a five year program where the first two years involve course work that provides both a full PhD curriculum in economics and a unique specialization in environmental and natural resource economics. The rest of the time is spent writing a thesis and the students are also given training in teaching/policy advice and other tasks they may face when they return home.

Funds are provided to allow students to maintain links with their home department for data collection, write a thesis on a relevant subject, and interact with their home institution.

Besides training in economics and environmental economics, the program emphasizes links with other sciences such as natural sciences and other social sciences.

Read more about the PhD program and courses in environmental economics at the EEU website

Masters Program

Masters of Science in Environmental Management and Economics at School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg

There is an increasing demand for knowledge of the causes of environmental problems, the relationship between human activities and environmental problems, and the appropriate measures to deal with environmental problems.

This program is designed to provide students with top quality skills in these areas in order to meet the demands from private companies as well as from the public sectors, both in Sweden and in the international arena.

Read more  at the website of University of Gothenburg, School of Business Economics and Law 

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