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2013-01-04 | Peer Reviewed

Key Sector Analysis of the Namibian Economy

Humavindu, Michael Nokoure and Jesper Stage. 2013. “Key Sectors of the Namibian Economy.” Journal of Economic Structures 2:1: .
Download reference Doi:10.1186/2193-2409-2-1

The present paper presents key sector research for the Namibian economy, based on input–output and Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) analyzes.

The analyses were derived from a Namibian SAM for the 2004 period, using 28 economic sectors. We find that mining and government services are currently key sectors. Some manufacturing and services sectors have important linkages in terms of output effects, whilst for employment and income effects, the agriculture sector is paramount. The results obtained are useful for policy purposes in terms of identifying those sectors where interventions are likely to have the greatest impact on the Namibian economy.