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Academic Program

The EfD academic capacity building component is designed to minimize the shortage of trained environmental economists in developing countries by supporting undergraduate and postgraduate studies in environmental economics and by building the capacity of local public universities through teaching support, research grants, books and other support. Linking research with academia is one of the unique features of EfD.

EPRU’s research fellows are actively involved in the School of Economics, teaching programs in environmental and natural resource economics as well as in the broader university. Our strong involvement in teaching has undoubtedly helped us attract promising Postgraduate students. In addition, in order to support talented students to undertake research in our fields of interest, EPRU provides grants to Masters and PhD students. Finally, we also award prizes to reward the best Honours and
Masters Thesis.

EPRU research fellows are responsible for teaching the following environmental and resource economics courses in the School of Economics at the University of Cape Town.

Undergraduate Courses

ECO3009F - Natural Resource Economics  

Postgraduate Courses

ECO4052Z - Environmental Economics

ECO5052S - Natural Resource Economics