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2008-10-27 | Peer Reviewed

Social Capital and Its Impacts on Natural Resources Management

. 2008. “Social Capital and Its Impacts on Natural Resources Management.” Forestry Economics 10: 16-21.
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This paper focuses on the concept of social capital and its impacts on natural resources management. The paper contributes to the continuing debate over the multifaceted concept of social capital, and its three dimensions including network, trust and norm. Then it analyzes impacts of social capital on natural resources management based on the three dimensions.

Lastly, it reviews some classic approaches on how to measure social capital. Three conclusions have been made. Firstly, social capital is a multifaceted and developing concept. Secondly, social capital has great impact on natural resources management, however, efforts and time are needed to explore the potential of social capital. Thirdly, many approaches to measure social capital can be adopted. Different approaches represent different analysis perspectives.