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2007-08-24 | Books

Toward a new Nile Waters Agreement

Dale Whittington, John Waterbury and Elizabeth McClelland, 1995 "Toward a nwe Nile Waters Agreement" in: Water Quantity/Quality Management and Conflict Resolution ed. Ariel Dinar and Edna Tusak Loehman, 1995.
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Increasing world demands for water call for new institutions and rules to minimize economic and political conflicts. Growing water quality problems from industry and agriculture only further exacerbate supply problems. Such conflicts can jeopardize economic and, in some parts of the world, even social order.

To help understand the
benefits and pitfalls of possible alternative organizations, the
contributors focus on local, interregional and international cases,
using a variety of economic analysis methods. Practitioners, students,
and scholars will find this work a valuable resource in water policy,
environmental policy, resource economics, and civil engineering.