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2008-04-27 | Peer Reviewed

Private demand for cholera vaccines in rural Matlab, Bangladesh

Whittington, Dale, Ziaul Islam, Brian Maskery, Andrew Nyametec, Mark Horowitz and Mohammad Yunus. 2008. “Private demand for cholera vaccines in rural Matlab, Bangladesh.” Health Policy 85: 184-195.
Download reference Doi:10.1016/j.healthpol.2007.07.009

Objectives: To estimate household willingness to pay (WTP) for cholera vaccines in a rural area of Bangladesh, which had participated in a 1985 oral cholera vaccine trial. Methods: A contingent valuation study was undertaken in Matlab, Bangladesh in summer 2005. All respondents (N= 591) received a description of a cholera vaccine that was 50% effective for 3 years and had negligible side effects. Respondents were asked how many vaccines they would purchase for their household at randomly pre-assigned prices. Negative binomial regression models were used to estimate the number of vaccines demanded and to calculate average WTP.

Results: On average, respondents were willing to pay about US$ 9.50 to purchase vaccines for all members of their household (i.e. US$ 1.70 per vaccine). Average WTP per person is US$ 2.40 for young children (1–4 years), US$ 1.20 for school-age children, and US$ 1.05 for adults. Median WTP estimates are significantly smaller: US$ 1.00 for young children, US$ 0.05 for schoolchildren, and US$ 0 for adults. Conclusions: There is significant demand for cholera vaccines in Matlab at low prices. Recent herd protection research suggests that unvaccinated persons would also experience reduced incidence via indirect effects at low coverage rates associated with moderate vaccine prices.


  • Whittington, Dale
  • Other authors:
    Islam, Ziaul
    Maskery, Brian
    Nyametec, Andrew
    Horowitz, Mark
    Yunus, Mohammad