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2007-08-27 | Peer Reviewed

Private demand for cholera vaccines in Beira, Mozambique

Marcelino E.S. Lucasa, Marc Jeulandb, Jacqueline Deenc, Nivalda Lazarod, Melissa MacMahonb, Andrew Nyametec, Avertino Barretoe, Lorenz von Seidleinc, Arnaldo Cumbaned, Francisco F. Songanef and Dale Whittingtonb "Private demand for cholera
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In the summer of 2005, we interviewed 996 randomly selected respondents in Beira, Mozambique concerning their willingness and ability
to pay for cholera vaccine for themselves and for other household members. Respondents were told that two doses of the vaccine would be
required 2 weeks apart, and that the cholera vaccine would offer excellent protection against infection for the first year following vaccination, and some protection during the second and third year after a person is vaccinated. This research was carried out in order to learn more about private demand for vaccines in a cholera-endemic area.

We asked two types of valuation questions: (1) a discrete-price offer for a vaccine that could be purchased for household members and (2) a payment card designed to assess uncertainty in the respondent’s demand for a vaccine for self-protection.We estimate average household willingness to pay (WTP) for cholera vaccines in Beira to be 2005 US$ 8.45. This estimate of household WTP represents the perceived private economic benefits to a household – six persons on average – of giving all members free cholera vaccines.