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2016-12-20 | Book Chapter

How South Korea Did It: Korean Experiences in Industrialization

Msambichaka, Lucian A., John Mduma, Onesmo Selejio and Oswald J. Mashindano. 2015. “How South Korea Did It: Korean Experiences in Industrialization” .
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This is a chapter in the book entitled ‘How can Tanzania move from poverty to prosperity?’

The idea for this book first originated in 2012 when writing a paper for a workshop for the University of Dar es Salaam Mwalimu Nyerere Chair on Development. More recently, it has been driven by the fact that, despite making some progress, the country continues to struggle in the seemingly never-ending cycle of poverty, disease, aid dependency, the dearth of infrastructure and corruption. These are challenges that policy-makers and the government grapple with day in day out

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