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2007-08-27 | Peer Reviewed

Household demand for typhoid fever vaccines in Hue, Vietnam

Whittington, Dale. 2007. “Household demand for typhoid fever vaccines in Hue, Vietnam.” : .
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The demand function for vaccines against typhoid fever was estimated using stated preference
data collected from a random sample of 1065 households in Hue, Vietnam, in 2002. These are the first
estimates of private willingness-to-pay (WTP) and demand functions for typhoid vaccines in a
developing country.

Mean respondent WTP for a single typhoid fever vaccine ranged from US$2.30 to
US$4.80. Mean household WTP estimates (vaccinating all members of the household) ranged from
US$21 to US$27. Demand was similar for vaccines with different degrees of effectiveness and intervals
of duration. These results suggest a significant potential for private sector provision of typhoid fever
vaccines in Hue.